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Below you will find:

1. Our general conditions of sale:

  • The online contract
  • Our general conditions of sale


When you want to buy on RDM, you will have an "online contract", the final formalization of which is done by clicking on the button indicating to complete the order after the payment has been chosen. To buy, you must have legal capacity.

The on-line contract formation process is thus:

You select the product (s) you put in your basket, if necessary modify the quantities.

You should be aware of the general conditions of sale (if not already!).

By checking the box "I accept the general conditions of sale", you signify your acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

You click on Validate in your basket.

You enter your billing details (possibly those of delivery if different).

You choose your method of payment.

If you have chosen a payment by check, a page will tell you your order number and the procedure to follow. Your check must arrive within 15 days after your order (after this time, the order will be canceled), and you must imperatively indicate your order number on the back of the check so that we can process your order. >

If you have chosen a payment by bank transfer, when you click on a page to indicate your order number and the procedure to follow, we will inform you of our banking details.

If you have chosen a payment by credit card, you are redirected to the secured site of the bank, on which you communicate your bank details and click the Send button on the page of Secured Payment.

If you have chosen a paypal payment, you will be redirected to the secure Paypal site, where you log in to pay for the order.

It is by this payment action that the online contract is definitively formed: this constitutes irrevocable acceptance of the general conditions of sale, and expresses your definitive consent (except in the cases limited by law) to contract with RDM SA for the products you have selected. From this moment, the general conditions of sale will impose on the two parts: You and We.


By ordering our Products, you agree to the following terms and conditions, which are subject to change at any time and without notice. We recommend that you print and keep the general conditions of sale, although these can be consulted at any time on, and to consult them regularly.


  • - Vendor identification
  • - Purchaser Identification
  • - Essential Product Characteristics
  • - Geographical scope of the Offer
  • - Geographic Delivery Framework
  • - Validity of the Offer
  • - Validity of the Prizes
  • - Promotional Offers
  • - Validation of the Order by the Customer
  • - Price details
  • - Confirm Order with RDM Shopping
  • - Retraction Time
  • - The Payment
  • - The Delivery and Complaint Terms
  • - Product Error
  • - Guarantees
  • - Conservation of Transactions
  • - Intellectual Property
  • - Entire Agreement
  • - Disputes and Applicable Law

Subject: The purpose of these General Conditions of Sale is to specify the conditions applicable to the sale of the Products available on the electronic catalog of RDM Edition to the attention of its Customers, within the framework of a sale system to Distance from a connection on the website " ".

Vendor identification: RDM Vidéo S.A., a company with a capital of 200 000 euros, whose head office is located at 125-127 boulevard Gambetta - 95110 Sannois, telephone: 01 39 81 14 56.

Identification of the Buyer: The Customer enters his / her contact information in the form submitted online. The Customer must provide his full name, full postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. It states that it has the legal capacity to buy.

Product Essentials: Products marketed by RDM Edition are "Zone 2" DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) (as defined by the "DVD Forum") or "All Zones" and CDs (Compact Disc). The images illustrating, in support of the texts, the Products, as well as the texts detailing the content of the Products, do not enter the contractual field. In case of error, the responsibility of RDM Edition can not be engaged. Consequently, RDM Edition's liability is limited in all cases, to the replacement of the ordered Product, by the same article or an equivalent item (in agreement with the Client) or to the refund of the amount charged (excluding postage).

Geographical scope of the Offer: The offer is valid for any consumer domiciled in a country of the European Union or any other country present in the list of countries displayed on the site (hereinafter the "Customers") .

Geographic Delivery Frame: RDM Edition book in France and in all countries of the European Union, Switzerland, and any other country present in the list of countries posted on the site.

Validity of the Offer: The offer of the Products is valid until stocks are exhausted. The visuals present on the Site are given for information only and are in no way contractual.

Price Validity: Prices displayed on the Site are guaranteed at the time of order.

Promotional offers: RDM Edition may offer promotional offers through its website on the purchase of products offered on the site. As part of these promotional offers, RDM Edition offers a number of products depending on the number of products purchased. The Customer is informed during its navigation on the site via an information message of the existence of a promotional offer and the proportion of the number of products offered according to the number of products purchased. The products offered are determined by the site during the creation of the shopping cart. RDM Edition reserves the right to stop a promotional offer in progress at any time.

Validation of the Order by the Customer: The Customer expresses his acceptance of the Product Offer (constituting the Online Contract) by validating his Order Form and then communicating his bank details and clicking on the "Send" Of the Secure Payment page. The "validation click" is an Electronic Signature that has value between the Handwritten Parties. In return for online payment, RDM is committed to delivering the Products you ordered.

Detail of Prices: Prices are quoted in Euros. Payment and billing are made in Euros. Prices are displayed French VAT included applicable on the day of the Order. Any modification will be reflected immediately on the sale price of the Products displayed on the Site. Product Prices do not include shipping charges, which are extra. The shipping charges are those indicated on the Site of RDM Edition on the day of the Order.

Payment of the full price is due upon order.

Confirmation of the Order by RDM Edition: After receiving the Order, RDM Edition sends the Customer a confirmation e-mail.

Cancellation period: The Customer has seven (7) working days to retract without penalty or indication of reasons. It is sufficient for him to return the Product (s) in good condition and in the unopened original packaging, to RDM Edition, at his expense, the postmark date of the postmark. This period runs from the day of receipt by the Customer. The Client will be reimbursed the sums paid, in return for the redirection of the Product (s) at the expense of the Customer within thirty (30) days of receipt by RDM Edition of the corresponding Product (s). P>

Payment: The Customer pays his Order immediately by credit card or Paypal, or by check when the Client is invoiced in France. Nevertheless, for any order placed from a country other than France, the bank transfer is accepted. The Client must then contact RDM Edition by email at the address indicated on his order confirmation, via the contact form, or by phone at + 33 1 39 81 14 56.

For professionals, article L.441-6 of the Commercial Code provides for the payment of a flat-rate indemnity of € 40 for collection costs in case of late payment (Decree 2012 - 1115 of October 2, 2012) .

The data relating to the Customer's bank card or Paypal account is not held or kept by RDM. Only the Partner Bank, or Paypal if any, has access to it.

The Customer warrants RDM S.A. that it has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment by credit card or Paypal, when validating the Purchase Order. The validation of the Order by means of the credit card number and the expiration date, or use of the Paypal account, is mandatory to pay the price indicated on the invoice (taxes and participation in the delivery charges included) Payment to the credit institution of the Client. In case of dispute concerning part of the invoice, the amount which is not subject to discussion must be settled at the expected contractual deadline, the disputed sum being settled as soon as the dispute is resolved.

You can also pay by check: by sending it to RDM S.A., you will be delivered upon receipt of the check. The check must be received within a maximum of 15 days from the date of the validation of the order, otherwise the order will be canceled, the check will not be cashed and the products will not be delivered.

Delivery and Claims: RDM Edition delivers to you by post as indicated on the Site at the time of the Order. Delivery times are those indicated above and correspond to the deadlines of La Poste. Delivery times are given as an indication, RDM Edition endeavors to respect them but their overtaking can not entail cancellation of the Order or compensation of the Customer. Any complaint concerning the nature or non-conformity of the Product (s) delivered must be made in writing, immediately upon receipt of the item (s), at the RDM Edition headquarters, without prejudice to the provisions to be made vis- À-vis carriers. The Customer must keep the packaging and the delivery note.

Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer on the Online Order Form. Upon delivery, Customer shall check the conformity and condition of the Product. If, during this verification, the Customer finds any damage, he may refuse the Delivery of the Product or must issue reservations on the dispatch note before signing the acknowledgment of receipt and immediately notify RDM Edition via the contact form Present on the site.

The absent customer is obliged to withdraw the Product at the address indicated by the delivery person. If the Customer has not withdrawn the Product after the deadline indicated in the notice (usually 15 days), the Product is returned to RDM Edition, which reserves the right to reimburse the Customer for the Product Price. Costs of remaining ports payable by the Customer) as soon as possible and to retain the Product.

Product Error: In the event of an error on the Product sent, the Customer agrees to return within five (5) days of receipt the Product in its original packaging (without opening its packaging) And accompanied by the Customer's order number. RDM Edition agrees to return (at its expense) to the Customer the Product ordered upon return of the original Product to RDM Edition.

Guarantees: The Customer is entitled to the standard contractual guarantee granted by the publisher of the Product, for a period of one (1) month from the date of Delivery. The conditions of warranty and the operation of the latter are linked to the respect of the conditions of use of the Products, according to the standard recommendations of use of the DVDs. The contractual warranty includes the exchange of the Product. The contractual guarantee is without prejudice to the legal guarantee against latent defects provided for in the Civil Code (article 1641 et seq.) Which applies in any event. In order to implement the warranty, the Customer agrees to send the Product under warranty to RDM Edition's head office, at its own expense, by enclosing the original invoice. RDM Edition agrees to return an identical Product except in the case of a Breakdown of Inventory. In the latter case, the Customer will be offered a similar Product or the reimbursement of the Initial Product. The shipping costs of this new product are the responsibility of RDM Edition. Second-hand DVDs are sold without warranty other than the legal warranty of hidden defects.

Conservation of Transactions: The archiving of order forms and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable support so as to constitute a faithful and lasting copy.

Intellectual Property: All intellectual property rights attached to the Product remain, without reservation, the full ownership of the owners concerned. Any reproduction or use of any of the intellectual property rights mentioned above is prohibited. COPYING OR REPRODUCING UNDER ANY FORM OR ANY SUPPORT THEREOF IS ANY COPY OR REPRODUCTION OF ANY DVD, CD, OR OTHER PRODUCTS PROPOSED ON THIS SITE.

Entire Agreement: These General Conditions of Sale constitute the entirety of the obligations of the Parties. No general or specific conditions communicated by the Client can be integrated into these general conditions.

Disputes and Applicable Law: The Parties will seek an amicable solution to any dispute arising from the execution of these General Conditions of Sale. In the absence of a friendly settlement, the dispute will be subject to French law. This is so for both the substantive rules and the rules of form. The courts of Pontoise (Val d'oise, France) are granted jurisdiction in the event of a plurality of defendants, call-in-warranty or interim measures, all constituting a substantial condition for RDM Edition without which it would not have Not contracted. Should one of the clauses of this Agreement be declared null and void, such clause shall be deemed not to be in writing and shall not constitute a nullity of this Agreement. The Parties shall endeavor to negotiate in good faith an equivalent replacement clause.