Harry Belafonte : Anthologie 1953-1962

Harry Belafonte : Anthologie 1953-1962

Harry Belafonte : Anthologie 1953-1962

Né le 1er mars 1927 d'un père jamaïcain et d'une mère jamaïcaine émigrés aux États-Unis, à Harlem, quartier noir de New York, où il passe sa prime jeunesse et sa scolarité, Harry Belafonte suit sa mère lorsque celle-ci retourne vivre en Jamaïque de 1935 à 1940. Il baigne dans le folklore caribéen, véritable mélange culturel, où il puisera souvent l'inspiration exotique originale caractérisant sa carrière artistique. Il signe en 1953 ce qui devait être un long et fructueux contrat avec la RCA Victor. En 1955, son troisième album, Calypso, est le premier album à atteindre le million d'exemplaires vendus. Il gagne le surnom de « King of Calypso » (« roi de la Calypso »). Dans ce coffret 4 CD vous retrouverez tous ses succès de 1953 à 1962, comme "Day-O", "Summertime", "Try To Remember"... à travers plusieurs albums studio et un album live au Carnegie Hall où l'accompagne Odetta et Miriam Makeba.
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CD 1;
1. Mark Twain;
2. Man Piaba;
3. John Henry;
4. Tol' My Captain;
5. Kalenda Rock (Mourning Song);
6. The Drummer and the Cook;
7. The Fox;
8. Soldier, Soldier;
9. The Next Big River;
10. Delia;
11. Mo Mary;
12. Lord Randall;
13. Day-O (The Banana Boat Song);
14. I Do Adore Her;
15. Jamaica Farewell;
16. Will His Love Be Like His Rum?;
17. Dolly Dawn;
18. Star-O;
19. The Jack-Ass Song;
20. Hosanna;
21. Come Back Liza;
22. Brown Skin Girl;
23. Man Smart (Woman Smarter);
CD 2;
1. A Woman is a Sometime Thing;
2. Summertime;
3. Oh I Got Plenty of Nothing;
4. I Wants You to Stay Here;
5. Bess, You Is My Woman Now;
6. It Ain't Necessarily So;
7. Street Calls: Strawberry Woman / The Honey Man / Crab Man;
8. My Man's Gone Now;
9. Bess, Oh Where's My Bess;
10. There's a Boat That's Leavin' Soon for New York;
11. Tongue Tie Baby;
12. Who's Gonna Be Your Man;
13. 'Long About Now;
14. Bamotsweri (avec Miriam Makeba);
15. I'm On My Way to Saturday;
16. Betty an' Dupree;
17. Summertime Love;
18. Lyla, Lyla;
19. Zombie Jamboree;
20. Try To Remember;
21. Dark as a Dungeon;
CD 3;
1. Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me);
2. Unchained Melody;
3. Mary's Boy Child;
4. Eden Was Just Like This;
5. Hold 'Em Joe;
6. I'm Just A Country Boy;
7. Mama Looka Boo-Boo;
8. Don't Ever Love Me;
9. Cocoanut Woman;
10. Island In The Sun;
11. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair);
12. The Waiting Game;
13. Ain't That Love;
14. The Marching Saints;
15. Little Bernadette;
16. Son Of Mary;
17. Round The Bay Of Mexico;
18. Another Man Done Gone;
19. The Baby Boy;
20. Midnight Special;
CD 4;
1. Jump Down Spin Around (Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Folk Singers);
2. Suzanne (Harry Belafonte);
3. A Little Lyric of Great Importance (Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Folk Singers);
4. Chickens (Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Folk Singers);
5. Vaichazkem (The Chad Mitchell Trio);
6. I Do Adore Her (The Chad Mitchell Trio);
7. The Ballad of Sigmund Freud (The Chad Mitchell Trio);
8. I've Been Driving On Bald Mountain / Water Boy (Odetta);
9. A Hole in the Bucket (Harry Belafonte and Odetta);
10. The Click Song (Miriam Makeba and The Belafonte Folk Singers);
11. One More Dance (Harry Belafonte and Miriam Makeba);
12. The Ox Drivers (The Belafonte Folk Singers);
13. The Red Rosy Bush (The Belafonte Folk Singers);
14. Didn't It Rain (The Belafonte Folk Singers);
15. Hené Ma Tov (Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Folk Singers);
16. I Know Where I'm Going (Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Folk Singers);
17. Old King Cole (Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Folk Singers);
18. La Bamba (Harry Belafonte and The Belafonte Folk Singers)

Data sheet

  • Weight - 120g
  • Support - CD AUDIO
  • Genres - Variétés internationales / Amérique latine, Caraïbes
  • Time - 04:37
  • Editor - RDM Edition
  • Type of edition - Coffret
  • Number of discs - 4 CD audio
  • Zone - 2
  • Interpreter - Belafonte, Harry / Odetta / Makeba, Miriam
  • Community - The Belafonte Folk Singers / The Chad Mitchell Trio
  • Label - RDM Edition
  • Date de parution - 05/06/2019

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